Bicycle Mechanic in Rishikesh

Bicycle Mechanic in Gumaniwala, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

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Bicycle Mechanic

Gumaniwala, Rishikesh

Bicycle Mechanic Skills & Responsibilities


  • Repair, check, and fix bikes following ExperiencePlus standards.
  • Prepare bikes on time for tours and other deadlines
  • Take notes of all the works done on bikes + update the database.
  • Keep the inventory of the workshop updated.
  • Keep the bench and the workshop clean.
  • Provide feedback about bicycles and be a part of the mechanic and office team
  • Delivery bicycles to rental customers throughout Italy
  • Be customer service oriented and personable as you are the face of our company when you deliver rental bicycles.
  • Assist with related material (such as bicycle accessories, tools, tour preparation materials) and inventory management as needed.


  • Assembling/disassembling and identify different types (ITA/ING) bottom bracket.
  • Wheel building
  • Crank arm replacement
  • Change derailleurs
  • Headset overhaul
  • Changing brakes, brake levers and shifter levers
  • Changing all kinds of cables
  • Limit screws adjustment (both derailleurs)
  • Center brakes
  • Chain check, replacement