Satnam Singh Steel And Plastic Store General Store in Rishikesh

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General Store in Rishikesh

General Store in Kali Ka Dhaal, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Kali Ka Dhaal, Rishikesh
Above 5 Years Experience

Job description

Deals in all types of Cookware, Crockery, Plastic and Steel Utensils. Repair and Maintenance of Gas Chulah, Bhatti, Pressure Cooker. We also deals in Utensils related to Hotel, Ashram, Halwai, Restaurants etc.

Contact Information

  • Address: Sarvahara Nagar, Near Bullet Showroom,, Kali Ka Dhaal, Rishikesh,(249201)
  • District: Dehradun
  • State: Uttarakhand
  • Country: India

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